Ariel Little Mermaid Bed Tent

little mermaid bed tent arielYour child will be able to let their imagination run wild under the Ariel “Princess of the Waves” bed tent, the only little mermaid bed tent officially licensed by Disney. Designed to fit most twin size beds, this indoor tent is the perfect way for your angel to escape the world and pretend they are under the sea, exploring the underwater kingdom and having adventures with their friends Flounder, Sebastien, Ariel and more.

Constructed from durable nylon, this bed tent will continue to look like new with a quick wipe down with a damp and warm cloth. When full assembled, this girls tent measures 32.5″ high by 36″ deep by 72″ long, perfect for one child be it can accommodate two children if they are adventurous. When not in use, the Ariel bed tent compresses down to 19″ Wide by 5″ High by 5″ Long in its storage sack, allowing easy stowing.

The tent itself features Ariel’s famous color scheme – blue and purple, with the words “Princess of the Waves” on both long sides, and multiple images of Ariel in her mermaid form with her best friends from her underwater kingdom, Sebastien and Flounder. The bed tent attaches to twin size beds securely and like all good tents, includes a large flap which acts as the magic door from the outside to the magical kingdom hidden within the tent’s walls.little mermaid bed tent

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