Ariel Little Mermaid Water Slide

Disney Ariel Little Mermaid WaterslideCombine your kids love of Ariel: The Little Mermaid with outdoor fun and excitement this summer with this water slide by Disney. Featuring a full 16 feet (488cm) of slip sliding fun, this water slippery slide is the perfect way for your 5 to 12 years old’s to cool off on those hot summer days.

With the jets of water covering the whole length of the slide, your children will feel like they are living “under the sea” as they rush head long towards the small pool that is the end of their adventure.

Setup could not be easier. Once rolled out onto your lawn, you just need to connect any standard garden hose, turn on the tap and the slip and slide is good to go without any inflation. To make this Little Mermaid toy even more exciting, add a touch of dish-washing liquid to the water to provide an extra slippery surface.

The 16 feet slip in slide comes in a gorgeous purple color with a large image of Ariel and her friend Flounder waiting in the small pool at the end of the slide. The Ariel Disney Princess of the Waves Water Slide includes the slip and slide, 2 ground stakes to keep the toy stable and a repair patch to fix any unwanted punctures. Suitable for ages 5 to 12, this waterslide will provide hours of fun for the whole family and can be packed away easily to be used again next summer.

little mermaid water slide

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