Ariel The Little Mermaid Singing Dolls

little mermaid ariel singing dollWhat better way to entertain any young fan of The Little Mermaid series than with an Ariel Sing Along Doll. These toys act and play like a normal Disney Princess doll with the added ability of singing some of the famous musical moments from one of Disney’s most acclaimed feature length films. With dolls featuring Ariel in either her princess or mermaid form, your daughter will take years of joy and entertainment from this collection of The Little Mermaid singing dolls and toys.

Ariel The Little Mermaid Singing Doll by Disney

Featuring Ariel in her mermaid form, this 17 inch tall doll by Disney sings “Part Of Your World”, using the original voice talent from The Little Mermaid movie. The doll incorporates a shimmery purple and teal mermaid tail with an elastic waist and a top has a purple glitter bow that is removable via a self-stick fabric closure. Your daughter or loved one will love Ariel’s long, luxurious hair and with her fully articulated arms and legs, the games that can be played with this little mermaid toy are limited to your child’s imagination. Constructed from highly durable plastic and polyester, this doll is made with Disney’s high level of quality and will provide your child with years of entertainment. Can’t remember how this tune goes? Cast your mind back to the early 90’s with this video of Part Of Your World from YouTube.

Disney Princess Ariel Sing Along Doll

princess ariel sing along doll toy

Recreate one of the most famous scenes from the classic movie with this Disney Princess Ariel Sing Along doll manufactured by Mattel. Your daughter will be able to make Ariel swing and dance like she did with Prince Eric while the doll sings “Part Of Your World”. This doll is an accurate portrayal of how Ariel looked in the animated film, with attention to detail evident in the color and cut of her gown and the stunning way her hair flows over her shoulders. A must have for any Disney Princess fan, this sing along doll will take pride of place in any toy and doll collection.

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